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What is an Assisted Living Community? 2018-08-22T10:23:03+00:00

An Assisted Living Community is place where seniors are encouraged to be as independent as possible while having the peace of mind knowing there are certified caregivers just a few moments away. Being a luxury custom home, the fear of being in a clinical environment can be put to rest. Seniors can receive assistance with daily things like housekeeping, laundry, medications, and more.

At Beacon Crest Senior Living, we don’t just stop at personal services, we are able to cater to each part of your life. Check out our ‘Beacon Signatures’ tab to find out more!

When is it time to move to assisted living? 2018-08-22T08:34:21+00:00

We understand you have tough decisions to make about yourself or your loved one. There is no one right answer for everyone. However, when your loved one has mobility issues or needs help with daily activities or simply would like to live in a community with like-minded seniors, it may be time to move to Beacon Crest.

What is the cost of assisted living? Does Medicare pay for it? 2017-12-29T15:01:19+00:00

The cost will largely depend on what services your loved one needs. And unfortunately, Medicare does not usually cover the cost of assisted living.

How big are the rooms? Can couples live together? 2018-08-22T08:34:59+00:00

Our spacious one or two-bedroom suites accommodate couples with ease.

Do residents need their own car? 2017-12-29T15:03:24+00:00

Residents do not need to own a car as all their needs will be provided for. If your senior wishes to travel, transportation will be available.